FUMC Plainview


Chancel Choir (Go to the bottom of the page to hear Easter music from April 5,2015)

Chancel Choir is a great group of people who sing in the 10:30 service every week and rehearses each Wednesday at 7:00 pm. We have a wide range of ability levels and voice types in our group. We sing many different styles of choral music, including classical selections, spirituals, gospel tunes, and various hymn arrangements. Our rehearsals aren’t just about learning new music, but about fellowship and sharing the gift of music.

We typically do a special program for Christmas and Easter, along with the bell choir, using strings, brass, and other instruments. 

We are always looking to add to our ranks and we happily accept anyone who loves to sing. Whether you read music or sing by ear, we would be glad to welcome you into our group. Just come join us for our weekly rehearsal on Wednesday at 7:00

We are very fortunate to be able to offer scholarships to Wayland Baptist University singers who help us out. If you are a WBU student, please contact our director, Nate Herman, at nateherman1226@hotmail.com to set up an audition time.

Bell Choir

FUMC’s Bell Choir is a group made up of 12-14 people. We typically play in 10:30 worship service about once a month. We have a great time rehearsing every Wednesday at 6:00 and are glad to help new members learn the ropes. Several of our current members had never played a hand-bell before they joined us. If you are interested in joining the bell choir, come join us on Wednesdays at 6:00 upstairs in the bell choir room.

Along with the Chancel Choir, we put on a special program for Christmas and Easter and typically are in need of extra ringers for those.

Nate is hoping to start a beginner bell choir at some point, so if you are thinking you might enjoy joining the bell choir, but aren’t sure about your musical skills, shoot him an email at nateherman1226@hotmail.com and let him know you are interested.

Praise Band

Praise Band leads worship in the 8:15 service. Nate leads this group along with Mike Orona on guitars and Payton Thornton on percussion and Nate Herman on guitar. If you play an instrument and think you might want to join the praise band, get in touch with Nate at nateherman1226@hotmail.com.

Choir of Honor

Members inducted into this Choir of Honor are selected for their loyal participation of many years of service to this church with their musical talents, devotion, and faithfulness.  Candidates are voted into this select group by members of the current chancel choir.  The inception of this Choir of Honor began in 2002 and when they are elected, these new inductee's names are inscribed on the "Choir of Honor" walls of the choir room.  Those that have been elected are

1.  Emmett White (1930's-1950's) -bass section - Was selected in 2002, he organized the first male quartet for FUMC.

2. Charles Dean (1934-1947) -Choir director - Was selected in 2002.

3.  Mattie Eva Dean (1934 - 1948) - Organist - Was selected in 2002.

4. J.W King (1958 - 1970) - Was selected in 2003 for being the Choir Director for services when they were being held in Crawford Hall awaiting completion of our beautiful sanctuary.  He later sang in the bass section for many years.

5. Bill Webb (1970-1992) - He was selected in 2002 for being "Mr Do-it-all"! He was organist and pianist.  He actually kept these sanctuary instruments tuned himself.

6. Mattie Ruth Nowlin (1930's -1950's)- Was selected in 2005 for being a soloist in soprano section and never turned down an opportunity to perform.  

7. Jimmie Sherman (1937-1990)- Was selected in 2005 for being in the bass section, choir president and always being available for duty.

8. Mary Wright (1950-1992) - Was selected in 2010 for being pianist for Sunday School classes, playing in the hand bell choir, and singing in the soprano section with the chancel choir.

9. Richard Purcell (2009-2014) -Was selected in 2014 for serving faithfully as a jolly bass singer in the Chancel Choir which he did joyfully until he passed away.


Click the  blue button below to download the Easter Fanfare from April 5, 2015 featuring the Handbell Choir and Larry Archambo on trombone.